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How to break down goals into action steps

Do you know that you need to be healthier, ask for a rise, start a new business, publish a book, start a blog, grow your list of contacts, get a new job… and the list could go on and on… this article is for you if you believe that you know everything there is to know about what you need to do but somehow you cannot get things done or if you do you go back to your old ways.

As you are reading, the gremlins in your head say “how could you possibly succeed after so many fail attempts?”, or maybe you are afraid to fail because “why in the world would this time be different?”. Great right?! So time to shush the negative voices, and start believing that you are destined for more and that the only way that you are going to get out of any rut is to start actually doing. You have to decide if you are going to let yourself get overwhelmed by the big picture and big scary hairy goals or are you just going to focus on 1 to 3 steps each day. I hope you chose the later, and with that mindset start doing the work that I have outlined for you below. Yes (1) you have to set a big why, a purpose, (2) you have to write big scary crazy goals, and then (3) you have to take action. Ready?

1. Define the why, your purpose

bigstock-Couple-On-Front-Of-New-House-W-98373647I started defining my purpose when I stopped defining myself as the company I work for or the degree or the title or the position. Think about your purpose in terms of who you really are when you strip down all the labels that society gives us, what is that you want to do, or keep doing regardless of where you work, how do you want to help or contribute to other’s people lives? In my case, as an example, I stopped been an accountant, consultant, business owner, now I tell people that “I am a mom, a teacher and a warrior determined to empower women to find independence and self-sufficiency”, now it’s through fitness and mentoring programs, but maybe later in live, it would be through writing books, speaking, or dancing, who knows the essence is that I am committed to improve women’s lives through my work as a mom and a teacher no matter what aka warrior style.


Now, it is your turn, fill in this blanks first “I help ________________ be/do ________________ by ____________________, while I am ________________”, then re-write it and make it your own, you should be able to feel absolutely proud when you say it out loud while looking at yourself in the mirror.

2. Your scary crazy goals

beautiful career woman pulls arrow with a bow Start thinking about goals in terms of things you want to accomplished but that are way more than a to do list. You can download a copy of my worksheet here and get a 20 minute guided video >>HERE<< Or lets get to it. In order to get your productivity higher than it is now and potentially 10X higher.

You should rate yourself from 1 to 5 in each of this areas (1 is not satisfied and 5 is totally satisfied). Next to each, write what would need to happen for that area to be a 5?

1. People / Family and friends – are you dedicating time to them? or should you set up boundaries?

2. Romance – are you making time? do you need spontaneity, support, loyalty? If you do not have a significant other, do you want one or the support and love of your children, siblings, friends, is enough? Do you need to have a better relationship with yourself before even think about this area? then how can you improve that relationship with yourself?

3. Personal Growth – Do you recall at least 2 books you read last year that impact your way of thinking? Do you want to learn more about a particular subject? If you knew about ____________ it would make you so much happier and confident about yourself?

4. Fun & recreation – What are you doing for play? How do you relax? How do you enjoy life?

5. Support (your inner circle) – It is said that we are the sum of the 5 people we spend the most time with, so are you surrounding yourself with people that add value to your life? Should you reconnect with someone, perhaps, a mentor? Or should you let go of some friends that are dragging your energy down? Or maybe you need to spend more quality time with your inner circle.

6. Business/ Career – Are you where you are supposed to be? Can you describe the perfect scenario? What needs to happen for you to feel realized?

7. Legacy – What are you doing that will leave a significant contribution to the people that matter the most to you? DO you need to safe? Do you want to write a book? Do you need to invest in outsourcing to spend more time with your kids?

8. Finances – What is your number? What is that number that will give you peace of mind to enjoy the now.

9. Health – Are you taking care of yourself of your temple? Are you living your life now or are you waiting to earn X amount of money to finally do something about your health? How would you feel if in 10 years you are financially where you envision but you discover you have a terrible illness that would impair you to enjoy what you work so hard for? Have you consider that living a healthy life now, would boost your performance at work, projects, business and will propel your creativity?

Remember that after rating each above from 1 to 5 in (1 is not satisfied and 5 is totally satisfied). Next to each, write what would need to happen for that area to be a 5?

3. Action steps

Young actress ready to film a new sceneIn the a mastermind session with my team on goal setting to 10 X productivity, we went through 9 specific action items that you need to define to start taking action towards big goal. You can get this video >>HERE<< with the downloadable worksheet for you to write along as you listen and pause as needed.

Or lets get to it, right? In order to get your productivity higher than it is now, take note of the 4 categories above that have the lowest score, write those at the top of your work sheet b/c you are going to start with the action steps that are related to them when you are done with this. Write an action that you are going to take weekly for the next 12 weeks to

1. Get you closer to a person that brings your productivity up (mentor, star employee, top sales person, partner)

2. Invest in something that scares you (smart phone, blog service, virtual assistant, CRM, SM scheduler)

3. Set in your calendar 3 hours a week that you are going to dedicate to implement (stop learning stuff, I know, it’s addictive! and fascinating! But it’s time to start doing.)

4. Get closer to your significant other, your best friend, sister, mother, 1 time per week for 12 weeks what are you going to do for that person?

5. Do 1 hour a day more of that which makes the most impact in your life or business? Calls, masterminds, speaking, webinars, video, what is it that when you do it, you get more recognition, leads, build your profile, close sales?

6. Give up something that does not add value to your goals. For example, for me is TV and reading about new stuff.

7. For 1 hour a week, what are you going to do to restore yourself? Walk on the beach, massage, pedicure, visit with friends, girls night out, golf, kayaking?

8. Set a weekly fitness goal, it doesn’t have to be with me, but you have to start doing something, because it will make you more productive, I promise you that!

9. Schedule a mastermind group with colleagues to share your goals and stay accountable. I do it 2 times a month, but you can start every 6 weeks or once a month, but the key here is to schedule it.

BONUS: On number number 8 in section 2 above, you had to write your financial goal, the number that would give you peace of mind; now after doing this exercise write that 1 action that would make you closer to that goal. Then select the 3 actions above (Section 3) that relate to the 3 areas with the least score from Section 2. These 4 actions are your next steps.

Now, I don’t want you to look are your big scary crazy goals until after 4 weeks, because if you are constantly looking at them you are going to feel totally overwhelmed and discouraged. For the next 12 weeks concentrate on 3 things you can do daily, the 3 steps that will get you closer, and even 3 steps a week, but keep taking action every single day. Take 1 step at a time every day and in 12 weeks you will be amazed at how far we have come.

Comment below with any questions, suggestions or general feedback in this regards, and let me know if the video helped. Also if you would have preferred the blog in Spanish please opt-in to my waiting list for >>EVENTOS EN ESPAÑOL AQUI<<

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