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Staying healthy during spring break



Staying healthy during spring break: but how? follow this 10 point cheat sheet

Want to survive the spring break but you have no idea how to do your holiday right? I have experienced that dilemma year by year in the past but I’m blessed to find these challenging points that I have to work on to get the most of my holidays! And I’m sharing them with you!  As a challenged issued to myself, I am going to do it in eight minutes – if I can do it then so can you. So let’s do it!


Point 1 – Start your day Bright

As the saying goes, when you are hungry, you are going to make bad decisions. Well, that’s spot on! You need to have breakfast and make sure that your menu is a high-protein one. High Protein levels can sustain you as you face the day’s tasks ahead.


Point 2 – Don’t go over on appetites

Going to a party or a buffet? Don’t dig in on the appetizers and desserts! You can easily fill out the plate and have an extra thousand calorie in stow.





Point 3 – Use a small plate

Small plates can do wonders in tricking the brain that you’ve eaten a lot! As much as possible, use a salad plate, whenever possible, particularly in appetizing situations.


Point 4 – Choose your Poison

Well, not necessarily the real thing but it’s poison for your healthy regimen anyway, how does this work? We all know that you will have a party with 50 people or so and these people all have the favorite cream or drink at hand, so honestly, it will be a tough one for you and you might just lose it! So before you get to the party, decide what is going to be your poison. Is it going to be wine or chocolate? You need to decide what is your poison. So choose one thing, no more no less – only one!





Point 5 – Improve on Tradition

This year, I decided to have Easter Sunday in the house and as the host, I basically told people to bring whatever they want to drink – but I’m making sure that the celebration includes 80% healthy options. If you are the host, you can improve on tradition. If you are invited to a party, then you can bring the healthy dish. Be the healthy person – that’s absolutely fine. It is your guard.


Point 6 – Don’t get drunk

Yes there are a lot of cocktails and beverages in tow, you’re having the time of your life, you’re having a pleasant time with everybody. But please don’t get drunk. When you are drunk, you might as well forget everything that I have laid down to you so far plus risking your life and possibly endanger others.


Point 7 – Remember why you are there

Are you there for memories? Are you there for the people? You are there to enjoy, talk with your family, do some catching up with your friends, and ultimately, to make memories with these people that matter. So make the most of that moment with the people around you!


Point 8 –  Know your numbers

Not just any number – but your calorie count and dietary numbers! You have to calculate how many calories you have to consume to stay on your covering weight. Know your number and don’t go over that! If you got that figured out, plan accordingly before you set foot in that party.


Point 9 – Work out Early

Aside from making it a point that you do those pumps and burpees very early in the morning, make sure that you do work out that you love. May that be running, dancing or whatever it is you prefer. Do the work out that you love, really, really early.


Point 10 – Forgive Yourself and Move on

If you are feeling badly or poorly, forgive yourself. Give yourself the permission to mess up sometimes and have the courage to leave those grudges in the past and move on. Yes, You just have to move on.

Now you are staying healthy during spring break and beyond, right? Comment below with your biggest challenge and I will personally answer your questions and give you suggestions.

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