How to use Social Media as a Business Tool


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How to use Social Media as a Business Tool

We all of us use Social Media and some may be too long on it because all this platforms have come to substitute numbing time inform of the TV. If you use social media for your business and lack direction you may feel you are on it almost 24/7 feeling overwhelmed and frustrated for lack of results. Some of my colleges have shared with me that they even feels „slaved“ by social media.
However, I have to confess that though I run a virtual business, I don’t feel enslave by it, because I consider social media a tool to communicate in very busy life. For example, I turn to the advantages of a virtual/online business because it is very hard for me and many other people to meet face to face, since it means get in the car, drive (aka time) make arrangements for kids and a million other things. If I would have five meetings in one week, then I cannot do anything else. I mean, if I want to have a life. This is where the online world comes to play in growing business.



So How to use Social Media as a Business Tool and not letting the cyber world drag in an abyss of other people’s agenda? I am going to give you seven tips to leverage social media to your advantage. These are the basics of what I do and what I teach my students on day 1. And be certain that the online world is amazing if you know how to use it.  It allows me to stay with my kids. It allows me to schedule my . So, why would you let it go away?

This seven tactics will help you with your marketing strategies, your messages and your business.

  1. You need to have a plan with a purpose. Why are you on Facebook or Instagram or Pinterest? <etc> Is it because you want to be popular? you want to create awareness about who you or your brand are? Have in mind that social media (unless you are a celebrity) is not about you, it’s about your audience. You need to give them (audience) a reason to follow and engage with you. Tell a story in a social way (imagine yourself in a party) where you communicate why you are different, why your services and your businesses are going to make their lives better. And you always have to have in your mind what you want your audience to do; meaning what is the call to action and how is that part of your customer’s journey.
  2. Stop comparing yourself. When you start to compare yourself, or compare your backstage with someone else’s front stage, you will start to derail from your original plan and loose focus. The comparison game is also bad for your confidence and can bring self-doubt leaving you frustrated, because you are not there yet. Be clear about YOUR message, be clear about YOUR purpose and don’t compare yourself. Above all believe in yourself, your brand, and your service or product.
  3. SCHEDULE TIME for social media. The one system for managing yourschedule that I love is called Passion Planner, it has a lot of downloads for different calendar options and it has a guide as to how to design and maximize your year, quarter, month, week and day! I highlight on the calendar all my busy times and then I circle those times where I know I can be working on my business including when I will be checking social media. I am not on Facebook 24/7, even though sometimes it may look like that. I spend 30 mins in the afternoon to check my social media pages and comments, I take notes of what’s important, then I take one hour or less at night to check my groups, read messages, comments and reply to anything in order of priority. Never react to a comment or message even if it’s negative; it’s is acceptable to take 24 hours to reply to social media posts (unless there is a headline news related activity going on that pertains to your business, of course). Don’t let little things make you loose focus amd momentum.
  4. WORK FROM A LIST. You cannot be following your friends and stalking them and continually ask them do they want to buy something. You need to start networking and connecting with your audience (and by audience I mean your niche market, your avatar). However, you need to do have some type of measurement to be certain that your efforts are not in vain. AND int this case your best asset and measurement of success is your list of emails from people interested in what you have to offer. If your list is not growing, you need to change the way you are doing your social media marketing. And you need to assess what you are telling your audience so they are taking action. Where are you sending them?!



  1. Use and automatic scheduler to post to all social networks. You can post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and to everything you can imagine from a scheduler, like Hootsuite or BufferApp. If you are not using one, you have to start using it right now. They have a big range of usage on a free platform, but remember that you get what you pay for. I think they are really good and I recommend them all the time. Bottom line: You need to start scheduling your posts. If you run Facebook groups, use your schedulers for your groups too. It will make your life so much easier. You don’t have to be on Facebook all the time or any social media for that matter.
  2. Use an EDITORIAL CALENDAR. When I started doing this, my business changed. Think about it as a store or magazine, they always know what’s coming up next, even a year ahead. They know what they are going to published and what they are going to sell seasons ahead. If you use a calendar, important dates and events will be highlighted. This is where the Passion Planner in number 3 above will come extra handy into make you efficient and effective. Now I know everything that is going to happen 6 months ahead of time, and in an ideal world, would like to have everything planned 1 year ahead (but hey! One day at a time, right?). For example, Every month I have a free group, I have a pay group for fitness and I have a mentoring business program. Those 3 events happen monthly and I cannot promote everything at the same time. You need to have a plan. For example, my posts for Sunday are already there, they are scheduled via Hootsuite. Then I use Google for editorial calendar, and there are a bunch of samples.

7. As you grow, invest in a Virtual Assistant. If you don’t know about Virtual Assistant, search about it. I use and I have several virtual assistants that help me with managing social media and my blog. I give them tasks. Consider about that and do what you do best.


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