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How to start a fitness program

Start a fitness program, but How? Follow this 4 step Roadmap to fit

Start a Fitness Program Now, there’s no perfect time or no better time than now. Coaching is a very personal experience, not just for you or for my clients, but for me as a coach. As I initially reach out to clients, it is incumbent upon me to open up and share my own experiences, so that others would open up as well. Yes, being fit is the IN thing right now. Perhaps, it’s the most fashionable yet healthiest thing you ought to do to your body. But “where should you start?’ is the mot common question. Here’s your roadmap to fitness like never before:

#1 – Establish Your Priorities

Previously, we’ve talked about the importance of uncovering your priorities first- .  Why do you want to establish your priorities? First, you need to do it for you to have the energy for the more important things in life. In my case, I want to prioritize things so that I can be present in my kids’ life, to be a good mother. My kids need a mom to be their mentor. So I realized, I have to be physically well to be there for them. This is how I started and it is for these reasons that I kept going. It is my inner motivation.

#2 Time Management

Everyone has 24 hours a day and you have to take control of your day’s activities to cramp it in that time frame. First, control your mind first. With this control comes now the strength on how you will discipline your body – and that starts with adequate planning and time management. Read more about how I schedule a week and a day to fit workout time and so many other to-do’s

How to start a fitness program

#3 Food

Look at your food – this is your body’s fuel. Scientifically, your food intake activates a lot of sensors in your brain. It is for this reason that you should start rewiring your brain to look at food as a necessary power for you to move with life. It keeps you moving because food is your source of energy. The sad thing about the people who come to me is that their illnesses are caused by lack of body nutrition. That’s why you should start clean eating, remove alcohol, processed food, sugar, white bread from your meals IMMEDIATELY! Food nutrition isn’t really as complicated as you think. Once you remove them, you would start to feel more energy coming in. This is something that you can start doing right now. Start, as I have initially said, by cleaning your kitchen – You are going to have a clean kitchen that is stocked with the right nutrients to fuel your body and get new energy. The desire to change your weight is the first sign that you are in real deep need of personal growth and development.

You have to journalize everything that you eat. By journaling, you will get to calculate the amount of calories that you need to lose the pounds. Though ironic, this is achieved by increasing your activity and increasing the amount of food you are eating. So, journalize and track your target. One website that can help you do that is through and some mobile apps for your phone to help you calculate those calories.

#4 Accountability

An energized body is your greatest tool, it is your investment to keep moving. Being fit, contrary to common misconception, is not just for photo shooting or for taking selfies. You need a fit body to be more productive in every aspect of life. So you have to account for that. Take pictures, take measurements, any manifestation that what you’re doing is real. To inspire others, I tell people that I am doing this. I make a community. Because, in time, I’ve realized that the accountability never ends. For getting true ongoing accountability, you should get everybody in your life involved.

One thing that I discovered in this journey is that when you find an opportunity, take it and make it work for you. Whatever you decide to do, stick to doing it for 21 days. You need 21 days to develop a habit, then push 7 more days to make it really stick. So, whatever you decide to do, hiking, biking, if you stick to it for 30 days, you are going to make it.

As a mom of three kids, I have limited time to make all these work, but it is doable. I understand that this program is not for everyone but to erase all risks and doubts on your part, I offer a 30-day money back guarantee for all my clients. Is my program fit for you? If you don’t try it, you will never know. So give yourself a chance. It has worked for me as well as the hundreds and thousands of people. So why wouldn’t it work for you? What I can tell is that it will not be easy but it will work. I will be there to push you beyond your limits.

Then, How to start a fitness program right away? Join my free 7 day program and join our free group to discover in detail what is right for you from workout type to length to eating the right food, you even discover in this 7 days that the next step for you is not a diet. Any question comment below or request a 20 min free coaching call


How to start a fitness program

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