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Keep the momentum in Summer– 5 ways to not lose progress in the slowdown

How to keep the momentum in summer when almost everyone is slowing down? Though most people slack in summer and it’s a slow season overall even for the economy, this is the perfect time for you to revamp your goals, projects and set the foundation to finish strong the year. Take the advantage when everyone else is slacking. We are at half time so you have time to finish this year strong if you keep your game up and stay consistent throughout the summer. Set the pace for success now and make a difference.

Even if you have accomplish so much up to know and feel you deserve a long break, two and half month break or slowdown is too long. The wins are in the details, so don’t let the loose ends fall through the cracks because the kids are on summer vacation, or you have more work with co-workers out, or you too are going out, or a combination there of. Don’t get into the false mentality that you will catch up when the school starts, because once you lose momentum it is that much harder to restart. Don’t fool yourself telling yourself “everyone is slacking, so why do I even bother?!” ANSWER: You are not everybody and you are designed for such a more fulfilling life! Right? Consider this 5 strategies to keep the momentum in summer and beyond:

1.      Don’t abandon your schedule

If you are a mom, a parent, or caregiver that live and breathe out of a schedule and a list but in summer you just let go because the trigger is the school calendar, then don’t fall into that trap. If you have gotten into the habit of following a schedule for the sake of the family (not necessarily b/c like me, you enjoy it), now is not the time to break that habit. You will find that when you don’t have a plan and unexpected events come to live, stress will immediately set in due to the fight or flight response that triggers in us. Sincerely, when you are the center and rock for your kids, husband, co-workers, or partners, letting go for 2.5 months is setting yourself for stress and eventual failure. In my case, stress leads to anxiety, which leads to emotional eating, and that is something I have overcome and not going back to.

Your schedule is going to be different during this season, of course, do make adjustment. The key is to have a daily plan.

Schedule your Free time

2.      Ask for help or delegate

This is the perfect time to practice asking for help and delegating, because in general, people are in a lighter mood and more incline to say yes. In addition, if you are the person that cannot say no, this is a great moment to collect on some “favors” plus asking for help and delegating builds relationships and community. As a mom of three boys 7 yrs and under (as the writing of this), I have found that scheduling with my other mom friends time off to take care of the kids in rotation is a great relief for all of us. Say I take my 3 and my friends 2 for two hours on Friday then on Saturday she takes the kids for 2 hours; which by the way works great for grocery shopping without the madness. Or we all play at my neighbor’s house on Tuesdays and my neighbor comes to my house on Thursdays with her kids. You get the idea right?

keep the momentum in summer

3.      Re-energize by taking on something new

Newness in our live create excitement and pump us up. As things tend to go slower in summer, take on some unfinished project, or something you have been putting off and dedicate time to it. But only take one project, remember you only have two months to complete it. A few examples:

  • Finish that family album
  • Read that book
  • Take that fitness class that’s fun but seems intimidating
  • Order that workout DVD (no-one is watching)
  • Visit a new place every weekend in your hometown
  • Meditate
  • Journal
  • Send that resume
  • Learn something new

keep the momentum in summer

4.      Accountability

Accountability is a key component of success. You will find support from a friend, online group, local meetup or even a coach or mentor. What’s the difference? The first one is free and more likely than not, you have to set the pace and the structure to stay motivated. The later, coach or mentor, is a paid service but you will have structure and someone following up on you to assure successful completion of the project you enroll them for. I have found success in both depending on what I want to achieve.

keep the momentum in summer

5.      Simplify

This is where most good intentions fail because many of us have the inclination to perfect the processes and get into the wrong thinking of “when I do this, then I do that”, for example “When my 5 friends review my resume, then I will send it”, or “when I get the mat, I will meditate”, or “when I get a clip-on light for the book, I will read it”… You get the picture, right? Stop doing that to yourself and know that perfection is a sure walk to procrastination.

Are this tips helpful? Comment below with any question or send me an email

And make sure to watch the video above for more examples and if you are more of a listener.

keep the momentum in summer


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