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How to schedule your workouts

After birth of my third kid, I decided to change my life, because I worked 60 hours a week and I had my own company. I had it, but I cracked. I realized that most important thing in my life for my kids is to have a sane mom and to do that, I needed to seriously change my life. And that started with my own healthy behaviors.
You can do that if you have the right support and that is the key. If you have a system or instructor or scheduler, it works. Here are a few tips that really helped me stay on track and keep me focused!
  1. The main key for me was to find a good menu in kitchen for everybody. Cleaning up my eating habits was the hardest part, but it is key in order to change your life! You can check out what I typically eat in a day here. LINK TO MENU
  2. The second thing that is very important is finding the workout that is going to push you to find something what you will be comfortable with.
  3. The other thing is the support. The support for me has been integral and what I found through online communication is that I am keep going because you are counting on me and my coaches are counting on me. Find the community of persons, or one person, that is going to be there for you.
support-groupAll the workout that I present and recommend to you is the one that I have already tried with other costumers and I already saw the results. We give you the instructor that you need with a system so you don’t need to think about the scheduler or what move I am going to do. These programs expense millions of dollars in science to make them work. If I had changed my body, anybody can change the body. If you decide to go on your own and you are not ready to work with me, this is my best recommendation.
I want you to select a cardio, like no walking around the neighborhood. If you really want to improve yourself, you have to work at perceived rate of exertion at 7 –8 (intensity level) three times a week. Push yourself.
Most of my clients are women and I strongly suggest active stretching so you start lengthen your muscles.
And you need to schedule your workout. It’s highly recommended to have a coach that will help you out with routines and to schedule it in this way. You need to create your own sequence in a way that I gave you.
Music is a key component. I realized this, a few years back, I couldn’t finish the workout. And that was because of music. Choose songs that are upbeat, fast in tempo, and that really make you feel pumped when listening to them. A few of my favorite songs are INSERT SONGS HERE
Build a community will be there for you. I have a team and we have our own app. When we communicate in that way, you stay focused and you stay on track. The support system we have in place allows us to have an extra layer of accountability to help keep us motivated.
This is how looks my schedule:
Monday–plyometric cardio
Tuesday–upper body
Wednesday–cardio mixed with core
Sunday–day for switching with other days (sometimes dancing…)
If you want to continue solo, that is okay. But remember to go back and check some things. You should have three times a week cardio, then the perceived rate of exertion should be between 7 and 8, one day legs, one day upper body. And try multitask with your muscles. If you have any questions, or would like to start working with me today, please fill out the form below and we can find a program and a schedule that is perfect for you!
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