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How to turn quitting into the next big move


When to Quit? How to turn quitting into the next big move

When to quit is the topic of this training call by Karem Mieses where she instructs on moving from the desire of quitting for lack of results into finding the intentions and drive to turn any adverse situation into the fuel that moves you past unpleasantries and into success.

By the end of this video training, you will know if it’s time to quit or time to keep going. She says in the recorded training to her team that “I have been seriously thinking about just having the TBB site in automatic pilot until it slowly dies b/c I am not seeing results in the bank. And then I dig deeper and I realized that I am considering quitting not because of the money, let’s face it, I did this for a year and half for basically free, but because I am not influencing you to get the result that YOU WANT. I see the ship sailing away.”

TRAINING NOTES (Scroll down for video minute mark) by Karem Mieses

Then, I sat down to really think about what is going on to realized that what is happening to me it’s happening to you and so many other entrepreneurs that give up. You don’t see results.

We need results like in fitness, if you don’t see the pounds drops on the scale we get frustrated and want to quit. And many times, we do. But there lies the problem, we insist on looking at the scale…

We obsessed on ONE THING, have you look in the closet for clothes, have you take pictures, have you gone to the doctor to get an exam? Have you even considering googling “doctors perspective on weight loss”? Probably not.

The same applies to your business, we need to look under the hood and do the uncomfortable tasks or our lives are not going to change.

This is interesting, we want change, we want the life on the other side but we second guess all our thoughts. I am guilty of this. Every so often we get comfortable in our groups with the friend that has recently bought the offer from us, we rank advance, and then we stop doing what we were doing to get those.

And like with the next diet we decide to quit to embark into another thing that it’s going to make everything better. Or so we think! But the rules of change are the same to anything in life you need to DECIDE, COMMIT to THEN SUCCEED.

Are you following me.

So, what happens if I quit? What happens if you quit? And I will leave that for you to think. BUT

If you are considering not doing the business you fell in love with, because you are only getting crickets on the other side. I want you to go even deeper and think: How involved are you with your up line, with me or Jenelle?  Because I believe in the power of the Universe/ God and in the wisdom that these words bring: whatever one sows, that will he also reap

I have tested this many times,

  1. If I engage in the Team’s FB page I feel empower, when I am in the attitude of I don’t have time for this now, I get the same back from my team.
  2. When I am not commenting, or liking my friends posts they don’t even see my posts (even Facebook understands and abides by this principle).
  3. If  I don’t engage on my mastermind group I feel lost, when I do I feel empowered.
  4. When I post copied stuff just to posts, I am not adding value therefore nobody cares. When I post VALUE (either struggles conquered, personal real stories with a morale, steps, guidance), I get comments, messages, and my email list growth.

And with all that I want to give you some tools so you don’t quit on yourself, this are things that I am doing.

  1. Stop snoozing the alarm and wake up 1 hour earlier
  2. Stop complaining
  3. Understand that what you give is what you are going to receive. Abide by the golden rule that we teach our kids: Treat others the way you want to be treated
  4. Value yourself, you are an expert! You must believe that you have lots to offer and stop comparing yourself. And this one closes it, Number five
  5. Put a price tag on your time, are you a coach, a consultant or a baby sitter, because the rate is different for the 3

Resources mentioned
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00:00     Welcome

00:55     Importance of your introduction

03:16     Potential reasons to quit from experience

05:46     My struggles – you are not alone

06:30     Don’t let one struggle swallow all your progress

08:00     4 Vital Behaviors Role

09:00     Importance of results guided by intentions

10:45     Snoozing is an excuse

11:33     Rallying the Team to Upgrade Your Life

13:35     Why so many coaches are jumping of ship

14:35     Our fitness journey compared to our business journey – Live off the mat as on the mat

15:00     Deceived by no results

16:50     The scale doesn’t have the answer (analogy)

16:50     Again with the list thing Resources mentioned

22:20     We want change but …

23:00     What got me and many other successful coaches here (success)

24:12     How many times to fail

26:00     Newsflash – We are never going to be motivated to do that thing

28:00     Frozen into taking action

28:35     But I am not a business person

29:25     Why are people not responding to you

32:00     Value adding mindset

32:35     6 TIPS to not quit on yourself

39:00     Get a hold of your business

43:55     Why motivation will not build your business

44:55     How to add value

45:30     The goal is to close the gap


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