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FitFunThrive30 Challenge Week 3



Building confidence, healthy habits, multitasking and establishing an environment of support are some of the key areas discussed. Entering week 3 of this series of mini mentoring sessions to assist each other in leaving procrastination behind, setting perfectionism aside and taking action to move our lives forward.  Week 1 was about setting the foundation, and week 2 was all about taking action. Now on week 3 the topic are related to implementation and addressing your questions.

You will find the topics listed below and the broadcast videos below. Comment here on or facebook for feedback, and share this link with a friend that might need this. Remember to LIKE this Page and turn on the notifications to get your Daily #FitFunThrive30

☕️ Day 15 “How to know if you have a food addiction and what to do about it?” with Health & Fitness Coach Yessica Guerra:
✔️ Yessica is a mom of 3, wife, community leader & entrepreneur that has completely transform her life from the inside out.
✔️She has taken the bull by the horns acknowledging her true relationship with food,
✔️and 60 pounds lighter later, she’s now passionately helps others achieve their health goals
✔️by managing their relationship with food one day at a time
✔️in a judgement free environment of moms just like us where we definitely know and feel that We are enough ❤️

Eating clean is too simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s not hard.
If you feel that you cannot give up certain food or type of food (one, many, any), I want to invite you to join us tomorrow and SET A REMINDER SO you don’t miss the live event or the replay.

I have had serious issues with toxic food all my life, and still today eating clean and healthy it’s a daily choice that I don’t take lightly.
In this journey I have found that I am not alone, but this is a sensitive shameful topic. And it needs to be address more.
I am beyond excited to have Coach Yessica talking to us on the things that have work for her, the struggles and her hopes for the days ahead ?
We will be taking your questions too ❤️

☕️ Day 16 – Savoring the now ?? Is multitasking making you unproductive ??
For today,
Find 30 min today and just do 1 thing that brings you joy with your undivided attention.
☀️Squeeze in 30 min for you ? (or 10 min)
⬇️Register for the Time Management Master Class ” Get IT Done” and enter to win my favorite planner!

☕️ Day 17 #Superwoman syndrome! Anyone? ?? Is it a true power or a weakness? ??
For today,
ask 1 person to help you with something or delegate a task

☕️ Day 18 – Are you self-sabotaging your success? ?? 7 signs and what you could do to get over it ??
For today,
schedule time for that project and set a ridiculous deadline ??????

Part 1

Part 2

☕️ Day 19 – How to get out of a slump? ?? 2 things to leave behind to get unstuck ??
For today, actually do 1 things that you’ve been postponing ??????

☕️ Day 20 – How the people around you is affecting your vibes ?? 3 signs that you may need a new tribe ??
For today, identify 5 people in your circle of genius; who’s in? who’s out? ??????

☕️Day 21 – Awaken the child within ? Lets retain that part of our personality that expresses our innocence, joy, exuberance, and hope.

For today, lets reawaken the inner children in ourselves, while encouraging it in others. Do something fun and forget about what anyone might think ??

Week 1

Week 2

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