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Stop Snoozing and Take Charge of Your Life


Stop snoozing & Start Living

How to stop snoozing the alarm again and again and get things done?  I started a special series of Facebook Live Broadcast to encourage you to take action and move your live forward. I am doing this because it has been very challenging for me to take action lately and that is unlike me given my entrepreneurial nature and overachiever spirit. However, no one is perfect and things happens. Live have tricky waves to bring anyone to their knees, and I am no exception.

Since, I believe wholeheartedly in the power of accountability and reciprocity. Both have serve me well in the past to get my business and life in order, I am pushing myself to get out of this funk, launch a podcast, finish a book and open a new line of services by August of this year by reaching out to my team and community. So, I am committing myself to share with you, as a social experiment, how I conquer every obstacle along the way by teaching my amazing community at Fit Fun Thrive. It’s time that we all take some massive action!

Tell me and I forget, Teach Me and I remember. Involve me and I learn

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” Benjamin Franklin

Why am I choosing to teach through these mini mentoring sessions? In short, I decided to not only share my experience but to teach as if I am advising someone to solve the same problem I am going through, for 2 main reasons supported by various research:

  1. We tend to see solutions faster when someone tells us their problem. Therefore, through these 30 days, I will ask myself what I would advise a friend, my sister or a client to resolve the situation.
  2. We retain 90% of what we learn when we teach, making it more likely to apply the new concepts in a practical sense. I am confident that by teaching, I will cement the habit of taking action regardless of how I feel or how is the environment around me.

There comes a time when motivation & information won’t cut it anymore… so I am challenging you to accompany me in this journey of 30 Days of Doing, 30 Days of Pure Action Taking!

Here is Day 1 Video – Time to WakeUp and Stop Snoozing (transcript below video)

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Transcript – How to stop snoozing


I decided to start this challenge today because there is no other way to start RIGHT THEN AND THERE when you have an idea It has been really hard for me to start getting up earlier. There’s a lot of chaos in the house. There’s other things to do. And I want to do more. I want more for my business, for my team, for my life. So, I just need to wake up early. There’s no way around it. And the more we say I’m going to do it later or when my husband finally gets here or when the kids are better behaved the farther we get from taking action. There’s never a perfect time. It’s all excuses that we put on ourselves to not do the things that we must do. And the reality is that I need to wake up 30 minutes early; and 30 minutes early for me is 4:30 in the morning.

Do you have to wake up that early to actually make your dreams come true? No! But find those 30 minutes that are going to be yours, that you are going to own it. And what I’m going to share through this journey of mine – and I’m using Facebook Live for my own accountability because I really need it. And when you are a solo-preneur, it’s really hard to have that guidance and accountability. so I just decided 5 4 3 2 1 like Mel Robbins says, just do it. Just go Facebook live for 30 days and get your act together.


So I woke up at 4:30 I’m looking like this, and I’m just putting myself out there; doing the uncomfortable things that I need to get done! In my case, I’m going to be writing 30 minutes every single morning, while I’m out it I’m going to meditate five minutes, get out the workout out of the way and write content by 6:30 am. That’s really ambitious for me. But it’s 2 hours and I am done. That way I don’t have to be multitasking.


So today I encourage you to stop snoozing the alarm button, because the more we hit that button, there more we are sending a signal to our brain saying, “we cannot do it”. We get into the mindset of excuses right there before we even set foot on the floor. So, the first step is stop snoozing; decide ahead “I am going to do this”. What I did was to move my cell phone to the kitchen which was a big one. And I put a regular alarm clock on the bathroom so I must wake up and walk to the bathroom to turn it off. And I am not going back to bed. So that’s what I’m doing.

We’re going to give you more tips about 30 tips throughout these days of what I’ve been finding useful to keep the habit. We are not lazy people. We are not unambitious. It’s just that we have bad habits and we can change them. And if I can change this bad habit of snoozing and then blaming everybody because I didn’t do the things that I wanted to do, it is so me, it’s on me and I need to set my morning right. And I know that is just that we all know what we need to do. We all know what we need to do.


It’s just a matter of doing it. jumping on the cold pool and enjoying the fun. Yes, it’s going to be cold or freezing. But don’t you want to be there? With where people are having fun? and rocking it? Or are you going to be a bystander?


So I encourage you to start doing this challenge with me. Hashtag #FitFunThrive. Tell me how is it going and what you did. Remember to post public so I can see your pots or post on this page on about your experience. I’ll check it out and encourage you


To one day at a time LIVE the Fit Fun Thrive way because it’s the only way! Have an amazing day! Take care


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