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Get clarity when you are feeling overwhelmed if you don’t know what to do next, or where to start, keep reading. Everytime that I’ve felt doubtful and overwhelmed about what should I do next, should I do this or that, should I focus on A or Z, I seat down with pen and paper to get clarity. When we feel that we have been pulled in a million directions, it is the best time to get clear about where we are in life and where we want to be. This is the time to stop and follow the steps below.


As the result of working with creative idea-making machine entrepreneurs, I cannot emphasize enough how important is for us to have the clarity to minimize overwhelmed and stay focus.


In these 4 steps you can get what I call Ferocious Clarity:

1) Change your internal narrative

2) Write everything you love doing

3) Assess your skills

4) Re-write your story

5) Determine your Key Priority


Change your internal narrative

There’s something very interesting about this human experience: The moment that you feel ready to launch a new venture, go for that promotion, move to a different city, start something new, negative voices start creeping up inside your head! I call these voices gremlins.


I have found that reframing the comments that will pop in your brain is the first step to get clarity and real direction. Why? Because at the least expected or needed time, they will show up, and I want you to be ready to send them packing (or at least to the back seat) no-negotiations! Deal?

If you don’t relate to this, be grateful, and bear with us.


What Do I do?

I tell myself, “This is a sign that I should do this! God is bigger than my problems.” Follow the graphic below and write that POWER PHRASE on a post-it note. I have mine taped on my bathroom mirror, on the microwave and my car’s dash.

Write everything you love doing

This is the time when we start digging deep into all those projects and ideas that you have brewing inside you. One of the most common questions I get is how do I stay focus? Well, this is how I do it and teach others to do it successfully because you get clarity and direction.


Do you remember the brain-dump we did in my How-to Guide to Declutter Your To-do List? This is similar but you are just going to start writing everything you love doing, are passionate about, cannot stop talking about, the things would make you agitated if someone “steals your idea”.

**If you are in MLM this will help you later differentiate yourself regardless of the product (don’t limit yourself to the product or industry).

**If you have a CORPORATE job think also what do enjoy the most doing, would like the opportunity to do more of or those tasks that make you mad when consultants get hired to do them.


CAUTION: the gremlins I talked about yesterday may start waking up so shoosh them away with your POWER PHRASE.

Assess your skills

If you are like 90% of my clients (and me), as you thought about things you love, you probably questioned yourself to see if you put it on paper or not (the gremlins, yikes) “How am I going to do that?” “Who am I to do such?” “What would my mom think?” etc etc etc.


Who says that

– a structural engineer cannot have a dance studio and have the #1 ballet school in town (my sister)

– a CPA cannot ditch a practice and be an author! (yours truly, yes! Coming this Nov 25!)

– an overweight music teacher cannot be a group fitness instructor! (VIP client)

– that an accountant cannot be the best bike builder in town! He just bought the bike shop of a friend that he helped with bookkeeping (former employee)


Really nice, but how would this apply to you. For today, be crazy, punch fear in the face, and write down 2 things from your list that would be CRAZY-COOL to have your main source of income. Next, to each draw 2 columns and start making a list of (a) why am I good at this, (b) why I can’t do this. (This is Step 3 in the Ferocious Clarity Worksheet)


Do you know now what you want to focus on? The first time I did this exercise, I felt mad and defeated b/c it meant that I had to completely reinvent myself. But my answers were so powerful that I was not willing to waste my time & energy, or worse, I couldn’t bear the thought of looking back with regret for not even trying. When you get clarity, you also gain confidence and courage.

Re-write your story

Every business have a vision; every successful fortune 500 CEO has a personal mission statement. Sounds complicated and it can be that’s why there are so many small businesses and entrepreneurs that don’t have one.  However, when you relate your story to where your business is going and why it is as powerful if not more.


If you can clearly articulate your story as it relates to step-3, you will have Ferocious Clarity, the type of clarity that will have you focused and going through tough times. 


Fill in the blanks of this template:

I am _____YOUR NAME_____

and I am _____YOUR TITLE_____ *Your title has to be related to the offer and results*

I help _____[WHO DO YOU WANT TO HELP]_____


achieve _____RESULT_____


Determine your Key Priority

Understanding your key priority and how that can change throughout your life has been a game changer in the way I can stay focus and set boundaries without guilt-trips.


First, you need to assess where you are in the 10 areas of your life, using the wheel of life below


Our key priority is one of the 3 lowest scores and it is not something that comes naturally to us but needs attention to push our goals forward.

For example,

Career/Business come naturally to me, and though I want to grow my business, I have to attend FUN/Recreation first or the stress is going to kill me! At some point, my health was even in jeopardy. RESULT: Every decision I made was to uphold my health to be a sane fun mom and mentor to my boys. I also want to be in a loving relationship. I could work 24/7 I am addicted to it, but how would that serve me if I end up divorced, with disrespectful kids, and a heart attack?

Another example, If health and fitness come naturally to you and you are nearly broke, your key priority would be around attending your finances.


Get the idea? Though this is a summarize explanation (we dive deeper into my course), this is a critical part to attain balance in your life.

Do you have questions? Post them below. I want you to nail this before talking about content, systems, strategies… Your Key Priority is your Compass.


Ferocious Clarity will help you live outside of your comfort zone, where the magic happens!

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