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7 strategies to increase social media engagement


7 strategies to increase social media engagement


Business growth is not just about having thousands of followers in your social media accounts if they finally don’t generate new leads or sales. It is crucial for you to revert this lack of engagement if you want to boost your business.


With a clear north and a good social media strategy, you will increase conversions generating loyal and potential customers. Keep in mind these 7 tips to get the right social media engagement for your enterprise:

Tip 1: Know your ideal customer.


First of all, you need to have your ideal customer well identified because that’s the person you will be talking to. The more you know your ideal customers, that special tribe you are addressing to, the better you will empathize with them and be able to offer them solutions.



Tip 2: Know the people you don’t want around you.


Really! Stop talking to everybody! As well as knowing your ideal customer, it is essential to know which people you don’t want to have in your circle of customers. I invite you to write down a list of the things you don’t like and define which kind of people are not your ideal target.


Tip 3: Find out what makes you different from your competitors.


To build a strong relationship with your tribe in social media, you should tell a unique story, something that differentiates you from the rest of influencers in your field. So tell me, what’s your catching and identifying story?


Tip 4: Add value to your people.


At the beginning of your business, you may have made some mistakes. And you may have also corrected them by using a unique technique or tool that made the way a lot easier for you. Start sharing this knowledge with your community and tribe. Help them by adding value to social media. This is a fantastic way to start converting right away!


Tip 5: The most important social media: Your email list.


Believe me when I tell you that your email list is your sacred treasure in the online business world. Here you have your qualified leads, that people who gave you permission to establish a relationship with them. They may be your potential clients in the near future, so share valuable content with these readers and make them want to receive the next newsletter!


Tip 6: Give something for free.


To make the engagement grow and your email subscription list expands, you must think on that piece of information which will solve your ideal customer’s first problem and that you can give for free. In exchange, those followers will provide their email to you and become qualified leads!

Tip 7: Check out your landing pages!


Nowadays, most of us navigate social media through our mobile phones. To make sure you don’t lose potential conversions, check out that your landing pages are mobile responsive and are all working fine.


Stop getting frustrated and missing big opportunities for your online business. Adopt my strategies today and get the right engagement in your social media accounts. And if you are ready to dig even deeper, I want to invite you to join my Business Jumpstart Mini-Course Free today! You will have the blueprint to implement the right plant for you and your business in the next 90-days!.

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