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Top gift ideas for your digital boss


Top gift ideas for your digital boss

The year is ending, holidays are coming and it’s time to buy gifts for those you care the most. Your digital boss will be delighted to know she is one you care for too. No matter if she is your mentor or your friend, she is surely working hard in her business. Taking the time to select the right present will show your appreciation and admiration you feel for her.

Yes, the focus here is for the ladies as I am one, but your digital male boss will get psyched by my Tech and Books Recommendations. And if you, my reader, are the digital boss, then forward this link to the people in your life that want to shower you with attention.

We all know that shopping during this time of the year may be overwhelming. But this can turn into a really enjoyable activity as I have already picked for you these top gift ideas to surprise the digital boss in your life. Take a look at them and choose the right one(s) to get her excited. Here are the categories:

  1. Electronics/Tech
  2. Planners & Organizers
  3. More than Books
  4. Empower Wear


This kit is ideal to make videos and photos look professional, and it is the exact one that I use for all my videos. Your boss’ live streams, webinars and selfies will never look the same after trying it. 

A minimalist alternative but smaller and cheaper than the previous one is this compact and pocket-sized ring light. I carried this in my purse to be camera ready for any photo-op. She will take it wherever she goes! 

This trendy ring light includes a cell phone holder and a flexible arm, perfect for recording amazing and bright tutorials. This was one of my favorite gifts that I received for my birthday this summer. Make her feel like a pro!

Do her videos look a little unprofessional? A high-quality webcam will help her improve them. This is the exact webcam that I used to record the Business Jumpstart Mini-Course & Idea2Profit Academy. The same one that I use for all my webinars. A must have for all my clients too! She will be grateful!

If your boss likes listening to good music while she works, but her baby is finally asleep, headphones may be the right choice for her. Give her a moment of pleasure and relaxation. Wait! More than that, this is the microphone that I use for recording videos outdoors!!! 

Planners & Organizers

A must-have for any digital entrepreneur is a visual planner to help with week or month organization. This adhesive and erasable planner will make everything easier for her.

Perhaps she is a notebook lover and pretty ones especially catch her attention. A good choice may be this stylish planner so she can get her ideas in order. This Planner is the one that I used 3 years straight from 2014 to 2017 and that I have found the most similar as my 1-Page Productivity Planner

Colorful notes help to stay focused and to remember those things that need to be done. Sticky color notes are the best idea to help her get things organized and arer the perfect stocking stuffer. I used this sticky notes to journal and take notes over books that I am reading.

More than Books

If she loves improving her entrepreneur’s skills, with The Compound Effect she will learn about unique business strategies used by successful people in the world. She will achieve her goals!

We are humans, and even the hardest bosses can get affected by vulnerability. Here the author explains this as an accurate measure of courage instead of a synonym of weakness. Empower her with this unforgettable reading! The Power of Vulnerability is my number one recommendation to anyone struggling with self-doubt and that want a rock solid confidence. I wish I had heard this words in my 20’s. Yes, that good!

Becoming a leader in our culture it is not always an easy task. If your boss is the kind of person who wants to make a difference, choose this best seller for her! With actionable strategies and real examples, she will find out how to step up and lead.

Every entrepreneur and business aspirer must read this book.  The blue ocean strategy will blow your boss’ mind. She will get inspired and be led into a way to create an exceptional and unique successful market.

Empower Wear

Whether your boss is a visual person or not, having frequent visual reminders will help her achieve her business objectives. Planners, spreadsheets and dashboards may be useful for this purpose. But if you would like her to take her commitment a step further, buy her a fashionable gift. You can try with t-shirts, bracelets or necklaces featuring inspirational quotes connected to her goals. She will never forget neither you nor her goals!

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