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21 things that I stopped doing to build my business


Have you had one of those days that turn into weeks when “everything” seems to go wrong?

Well, that how’s been here for the past 45 days but I’ll spare you the 1000 details b/c sh%# happens -it’s life things go wrong – #truestory

These “events” reminded me that I have to share with you how I power through it all to make all the magic happen.

And it all has more to do with saying”no” than anything else to protect my bandwidth; it’s so much more what we in a day when we say F&*k NO to DISTRACTIONS!!!!!

So here are 8 things I do daily to kill all distractions. This is the same list that I shared inside our FaceBook Group 🙌🏼)

Then to grow my business I had to go a layer deeper into protecting my environment. THESE ARE THE 21 THINGS THAT I STOPPED DOING:

  1. I do not say yes to “can I pick your brain?” or “can you help me with…” type convos. 
  2. I do not check emails or Facebook all day. 30 minutes mid-morning & mid-afternoon… then off the grid (unless it’s for my clients).
  3. I do not have social media apps nor email notifications on my cell phone.
  4. I do not talk about “work” or my business with my non-online nerd friends (instead we talk about what randomness to buy on Amazon…or my latest thrift-shopping find … etc.).
  5. I do not wait until I feel like working – my project plan is the boss.
  6. I do not do things I could delegate to one of my VA’s.
  7. I do not eat a big lunch or breakfast. Don’t judge, but I follow intermittent fasting and a cycled Keto to keep my focus, alert & energized (that’s me).
  8. I do not scroll through IG or FB comparing myself to every next business coach (I stopped following a bunch that made me feel less than adequate or that I am somehow “behind”.)
  9. I do not miss my own deadlines.
  10. I do not allow myself to feel overwhelmed for long. When I do, I reset, create a serious to-do list and strategy, and refocus on my tasks.
  11. I do not do it alone. I have a mean circle of boss ladies friends to lean on.
  12. I do not plan my year. I plan in 90-day blocks. Plans that long constrict me.
  13. I do not dwell on perfectionism everrrrr. I GET THING DONE. Done is better than perfect. My motto “keep it simple; add bells and whistles when you know it works and can delegate.”
  14. I do not try to please everyone. I serve and talk to my people. You know who you are (and I love you).
  15. I do not write anything “on stone”. I am flexible and open to testing. If I put something out there and it flops? No problem I’ll change it and try again no matter what.
  16. I do not tolerate negativity at any cost. I’m proud to say that I will remove and happily refund a miserable pessimistic client & walk away from “friends”… Anytime any day. (I love my bubble and I protect it.)
  17. I do not have a vision beyond 12 months, I think project by project – 4 to 12 weeks at a time
  18. I do not prioritize posting on social media over money-making activities.
  19. I do not shy away from a sales convo (or chat). If you ask for help that I charge for, I will pitch.
  20. I do not take on a client that I can’t help.
  21. I do not freak out when challenges show up because I know I have all the bandwidth to tackle any challenge. (God knows I love the high of overcoming challenges and problem-solving.)😍

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