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EP 55 – Balancing Your Energy and Intentions for Success with Carla Marconi


Exploring intuition, attraction, abundance, and vibrational energy for business success

What does it even mean to be vibrating at a higher frequency so that we can flow? Intuition, attraction, abundance, and vibrational energy are concepts that many masters across industries and fields of studies are claiming as secrets to their respective successes. But rarely you will find someone that will explain them in tangible terms that are applicable to business.

In this podcast episode of the Life Boss: Becoming Unstoppable, Holistic Business Coach, Yoga Teacher, and the Founder of Soul Rhythm Business Method, Carla Marconi explains to us the foundational work that is required to integrate the mind, body, and soul into business for long term success.

After 10 years of business experience and a lot of burnouts, Carla realized that strategy and grind alone wouldn’t cut to succeed long term, that’s when the Soul Rhythm Method was born. Using this method, she guides her clients to align their strategy, energy and actions, so they can achieve long term success with more ease in their soul guided business and finally find the freedom they seek with owning a business. 

In this episode, we discuss:

[Min 05:00] What is feminine and masculine energy and how it affects our business intentions? 

[Min 10:34] What does it mean to be vibrating at a higher frequency to attract abundance? And what routines will help you get into your energetic flow?

[Min 19:14] How to get things done and achieve your scary hairy audacious goal despite fears?

[Min 22:08] What is awareness and how to attain it so that you can create consistent success habits?

[Min 32:40] What is surrendering and how to truly let go?

[Min 34:30] This week EXPERIMENT: I asked Carla: What would you suggest we do this week to tap into the flow of the masculine and the feminine energy? YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS.

PLUS, Carla Marconi shares with us her insights about morning routines, meditation, boundaries and so much more! 

Carla Marconi
Carla Marconi, Holistic Business Coach, Yoga Teacher, & Founder of Soul Rhythm Business Method,

Connect with Carla Marconi on Instagram @carla11marconi

Show Transcript with time stamps

Karem Mieses  (00:06):

Welcome to the live boss podcast. Are you ready to be unstoppable? Karem Mieses  Mieses here, your business strategist and productivity expert calling BS on the lies, keeping us stuck. I share with you the top tips and tricks to hack your body, soul, and mind so that you squash all the overwhelm, stop glorifying, stress, and design a business that brings you joy. If you are ready to show up and work smarter, I want to show you how to become unstoppable. Let’s dive in.

Karem Mieses  (00:45):

Hello guys. Welcome to this new episode, all the Life Boss podcast. And today I have here with me, a very special friend, Carla Marconi Marconi. We met at a mastermind and she’s one of those people that I have met and we just clicked, it seems as if I’ve known her for ever. So she’s a holistic business coach, yoga teacher, and founder of the Soul Rhythm Business Method. We’re going to talk more about that, which integrates the mind, body, and soul into businesses for longterm success. I’ve been trying to get somebody to come to the show and talk to us about mindset. And you know that I tell you always about the how’s and the tactics, but we have to stop and call on the BS that is stopping us to move forward. And I am so looking forward to this conversation with Carla, so glad to have you here.

Carla Marconi (01:53):

Thank you for having me. I’m so excited. This is probably my favorite topic to talk about mindset and how to create an unbeatable mind and a sustainable business.

Karem Mieses  (02:03):

So, so tell us a little bit about you. You are amazing and I could sale everything that you have to offer, so tell us, how did you get to be teaching this, how you got here?

Carla Marconi (02:18):

Yeah. Well, thank you. I spent a couple of years after college doing other things, but mainly after spending 10 years in the marketing and sales world, doing everything that I should be doing and just playing it safe all the time, but not really feeling fueled. I kept thinking like we live one life or at least we have this life. Why not do something that I absolutely love? Like, why am I spending time doing things that are not really that I’m not super passionate about? And what’s worse is that I would procrastinate a lot and it, and I thought, Oh my God, maybe I have ADD or something. And at the end, it’s because I wasn’t doing what I loved. So I kept searching and searching. And then one thing led me to the other. I became a yoga teacher while I was still in corporate. Then I started doing selling essential oils that made me aware of the coaching world. And then here I am, it kind of all came full circle where I now help aspiring entrepreneurs build their online business, using every modality that I’ve learned. So the mind body and soul approach is literally approaching your business in a holistic fashion so that your strategy, your energy and your actions are aligned because energy is everything. And yes, we can strategize do do do. But if a, if we’re self-sabotaging or again, going back to the procrastination, because we don’t feel we’re worthy of it, that’s your energy blocking you. Then we can’t really fully succeed. And if we do put things out there, but with the wrong energy, again, you just attract the wrong people.

Carla Marconi (03:54):

So it’s just aligning all these things and also to create a longterm sustainable success. Right? Because one thing I did that I’m sure a lot of your listeners do is that I would do a lot. I would be on that hamster wheel and then I would burn out and then it would be like starting from scratch. Right? And so this allowed me to fully get off that hamster wheel and then flow between the masculine strategy – Do, do, do action driven – to more of the feminine energy where it’s like, let me sit in quietness and have those creative downloads and feel and flow with my divine inner knowing to be able to create more and deliver with more, with a higher frequency energy.

Carla Marconi (04:36):

That’s, that’s the whole gist of what the soul rhythm business method is. It’s and it’s, it’s a whole structure, which I can, I can share with your, with your listeners, for sure.

What is feminine and masculine energy and how it affects our business intentions? 

Karem Mieses  (04:47):

When you talk about energy? Because this is a topic that has been groundbreaking for me in my personal development and in my business development, but again, I am not an expert nor teach this. If you put it on the earth language, not esoteric terms “energy”, how do you define that energy? When somebody has an energy block, how does that feel like r transpire?

Carla Marconi (05:37):

Yeah. So I’m going to give you a backstory to sort of paint this picture. When we are blocked, we are, we are blocked within our box. We all have a box that we live in and that’s our reality through the lenses that we’ve thickened through our experiences who we were brought up by our society, who we surround ourselves by, and then that is the mindset, right? That box is like how you react to everything within your life. And everyone’s box is different sizes. So people that are really open-minded really receptive, maybe have a bigger box, but everyone has a box nonetheless. And whenever we are action driven and we are go, go, go, and we hit a wall within our box. All of a sudden everything in that wall. Let’s call it self doubt or feeling like there’s a lack of ideas or a lack of opportunity. Then that’s when we like close ourselves in, into even like a smaller box. Does that make sense? Yes. So then as we are getting close to in with all of these, honestly, very low frequency high vibe thoughts, like, “Oh, what am I going to do now”, “Oh, what if this person’s doesn’t sign up?’; or let’s talk about content. A lot of entrepreneurs struggle to create content. That was me at the very beginning where I was like, “what am I going to talk about?”. That’s me closing myself up in that box of like, “I don’t know what I’m going to talk about. Oh, I have nothing to say.” That is low frequency thoughts of like, basically hopelessness. So now if you take that and I can actually, let’s do a quick exercise, if you tap into a high frequency thought, like, so think about a time in your life that you felt really giddy. You were laughing gambling maybe with your favorite friend or watching your favorite movie. And like, it’s like everything was rainbows and unicorns and butterflies. Like, how does your body feel now? Like just looking at your essence, like it’s like more buoyant, right. And to, to dumb it down even more, or to make it even more earth, or more to this three, the 3D world.

Carla Marconi (07:47):

It’s just that the way that we feel is the essence that we are embodying and how we feel will then inevitably come through in our energy. So let’s take the content idea again. When you are, for example, about to create content, a very male energy driven – Type A person, a go getter, a doer, a go, go, go action driven – is probably going to go at it and be like, all right, let’s write content, sits at the computer, starts writing, and then has a block and all of a sudden it’s like, “Oh my God, I can’t keep going. I’m blocked.” It is because they are not allowing their creative flow to come in.

Carla Marconi (08:41):

And that’s more of the feminine, the restorative, the restful energy. So if we swing to the other side where instead of driving into create content, instead we create an intention because intention then elevates your energy and your frequency. Then let’s say, I’ll sit down and have a quick few minutes of gratitude and tapping into that higher frequency vibes, that feeling giddy, joyful fulfilled. Because at that point, you’re almost like levitating out of your box to an area where it’s abundant and then you are a magnet to ideas because you’re in that higher States of Gratitude and Joyfulness, you are for sure not worrying about what happened in the past. You’re not worrying about what’s happening in the future. You are in the here and now, and you’re ready to receive.

Carla Marconi (09:39):

So when you do that, your brain quiets down, so talking more factual, it meanss that your subconscious mind then can give you all of the information that you’re wanting to receive. So when we talk about that, divine, knowing inner knowing, it’s literally things that you have stored in your unconscious mind that you’re blocking because of your logical frontal, logical mind. So when we get into those high states, we clear our mind and then we can have those creative downloads. So then I’ll sit down in front of my computer and say Spirit guide me, speak through me, allow me to share with the world what my audience needs to hear.” When I say that, I’m taking myself out of the picture and I’m welcoming and opening to receiving whatever message I need to do or to say. And at the end, that message is already in my head. I’m just willing and open to surrender and trust that I will know what to write,

What does it mean to be vibrating at a higher frequency to attract abundance? And what routines will help you get into your energetic flow?

Karem Mieses  (10:34):

You definitely landed the plane with this concept of what does it even mean to be vibrating at a higher frequency so that we can flow because sometimes it feels so intangible that it’s hard to. In theory, it sounds great. But it can stay at a poetic level. Getting into this flow can be hard to implement especially when our box is so close. It is difficult to take those first steps to expand. And like you say, levitate and go and see the box from the outside as our first step.

Karem Mieses  (11:18):

You mentioned that you have these ritual in the morning when you do gratitude practice. I hear many coaches and experts on this topic emphasizing the importance of morning rituals, but I wanted to ask you, do you have a process or something that you use or do when is about three o’clock and feeling overwhelmed? Or at night trying to sleep but are restless? Because the more brain stimulation we get and more decisions we have to go make throughout the day, the more depleted we are from will power and sheer force. Therefore, is there a way to come back to center to find that flow when we are emotionally exhausted?

Carla Marconi (12:21):

Yes, absolutely. I, so there’s really one thing to mention is that even though people say in the morning, there’s no real recipe, you have to find what works for you. And I would say try different things and don’t give up just be consistent with whatever it is. So before I share a few routines, I would say always know that you have a choice in how you feel. For example, if we’re feeling lethargic at 3:00 PM, it’s normally when I hit a wall and I’m sure a lot of people here do, that’s like the afternoon slump. You, I would resist going for the cup of coffee because that’s only going to spike your energy and then drop, but I’m not here to talk health. I instead, I would honestly bring it back to that intention of how do I want to feel, right? And so then if you’ve been sitting at a computer all day, the one thing I do as a yoga teacher at least is I love to do some flow.

Carla Marconi (13:15):

So for like 10, 15 minutes, I will put my mat out and I will do some flow along with breath work. So breath work can be really good to wake you up. So a very simple exercise is literally just inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth rapidly because your breathing and movement are going to be crucial to boosting the energy. And then I love maybe like adding a little bit of lemon into my water and then tapping into your intention for the rest of the day when you plug into that intention and that why you’re doing whatever it is that you’re doing. All of a sudden you’re fueled with energy. If you’re doing the right things, right. Obviously some including me, like sometimes we have to do things that we don’t want to do. I’d rather do those things first thing in the morning to get them out of the way. But so that is my mid-afternoon trick. Like have a nice, fresh water with some lemon and then move your body and connect to your breath. Connecting to your breath will also help you tap into that feminine energy that we were talking about before, where, when you are connected to your breath and by connected to your breath, it can be as simple as you’re counting your breath.

Carla Marconi (14:37):

Focusing on your breath. Therefore your mind is all the sudden. It’s almost like you’re like slowing down your mind and then there’s peacefulness. And that’s when you can gain clarity again. So those are two really big things, movement and breath for mid day and then for the evening. And here’s a quick little fun fact. I actually was asleep coach the first, when I began my coaching business, because I struggled with sleep for so many years. Cause I’m a wired, like type a go, go go person. Or I used to. And so I had to learn to shut off my mind. So how do you learn to shut off your mind? The first thing is your, is your intention. Again, I’m always going to talk about intention. If you go to sleep thinking, Oh my God, I’m so wired. I’m not going to be able to fall asleep.

Carla Marconi (15:25):

I have so many things in my mind. I have to do so many things and all these worries, then a you’re not going to recover. And then B you’re definitely not going to fall asleep because you’re already thinking that you won’t fall asleep. It goes back to that. You’re in that box of like, I’m an insomniac. And you’re just almost like already telling your brain and we’re not going to sleep because I know I’m not a good sleeper. That’s a limiting belief. And so going at it with, I’m going to have the most restful sleep it’s going to be such a relaxing night. I need this so that I can tomorrow kicked ass and be unbeatable. Right. And so that is number one, setting the intention. Number two is the environment that you have, make sure that you have a dark room with a nice temperature.

Carla Marconi (16:11):

So they say like 67 degrees is what you want to have. These are all extra tippets that I learned through that trade. And then either a fan or noise machine, just, you just want to make sure that there’s not outside noise. And then when I’m going to bed, I also do another gratitude slash envisioning my future self visualization. So what I do is I get in bed, I close my eyes and I run through things that I’m grateful for. And this can look however you want it to, for the longest time, when I did have a lot of really bad time falling asleep, I would take 30 minutes and go to my meditation pillow and actually create more space. So it depends on how your relationship is with falling asleep and unplugging. I would do more or less just make sure it’s realistic.

Carla Marconi (17:01):

So if you’re going to invest, if you’re going to be consistent, make it a time that you can invest in. So right now I just go, my head hits the pillow. I close my eyes and I run through everything that I’m grateful for. That already is going to elevate me into this higher frequency. And I’m going to be here now, when you’re grateful for what you already have, you’re here and now you’re not worrying about what you want to do tomorrow or need to do tomorrow and what you didn’t do yesterday. Right? So that’s where the trick is. And then if I haven’t fallen asleep, I like to envision my higher self. So as I’m aspiring, cause I feel like my higher self is always going to be higher and higher. Cause you never want to reach it. Right. You never want to gain complacency.

Carla Marconi (17:42):

So then I like if I have a goal, like how do I want to embody her? Where am I, how do I feel? Who am I with? Am I doing, how do I mainly like the feeling? And then that is like the best feeling to fall asleep too, because you’re becoming her before you get what you want to get. If that makes sense. And that is honestly the foundational piece of this whole rhythm business method thinking and being like the person, the woman that you want to become when you get what you want before you get it.

Karem Mieses  (18:11):

What do I say after that? Your statements made me think is that there is a woman that we want to be but there’s the woman that we are, how do we connect them to achieve sustainability on our energy level? Because I believe we always want to be our higher self. Right? And for my audience that are overachieving empowering women and always looking for more and more, I believe that when we make the plans, when we make the decision, that was the higher self showing up. So when I don’t want to do something or that I start shrinking down, I need to move back and say, I need to honor that woman, because she was here and we already made these plans. So we are constantly fluctuating with her because we are right.

How to get things done and achieve your scary hairy audacious goal despite fears?

Karem Mieses  (19:14):

I read something from you, and I’m paraphrasing, about allowing us to be and not be so obsessed with becoming. So where do you find that flow without driving yourself crazy?

Carla Marconi (19:34):

I love what you said that to honor the higher self that has already done the groundwork. I think that’s really beautiful. And I think the biggest thing is acknowledging that we’re human and that we feel fear and that we have blocks. Everyone has blocks, even Tony Robbins and all of the people that are big in our industry. Everyone has fear. Everyone has blocks the difference is that some people are aware of them and some people are not. So what I always tell my clients is whenever you’re blocking yourself from following through with something, question yourself, “what’s the underlying thought here?’

Carla Marconi (20:19):

“Why am I not actually following through, why am I self sabotaging myself?” And then you start creating that awareness of why do I feel this way? Then you can start changing the way you feel, because the way you feel is very much what’s gonna either ignite your result, your progress, or is going to keep you behind. So then in talking about fear, the difference between those people that do succeed versus the people that don’t is that the people that succeed become one with fear, they’re like harmonious with fear. And that means because if you’re never goes away, right? And so a really cool trick is fear and excitement actually show themselves similar in your body physiologically. So you might have like sweaty hands, your heart rate goes up and maybe you start speaking really fast.

Speaker 3 (21:17):

Like these are all similar signs. So then instead of if you’re doing something, I hope that you’re doing it voluntarily because you want to do it. Right. So if you’re fearful about doing it, then ask yourself, what about this excites me and then leaning into that excitement because the fear is just your mind protecting you. So to talk a little bit about that into like a finish bridging the gap, our minds, our subconscious mind is where basically most of the work happens except the logical mind is what we know most, what we’re more familiar with, but it’s literally less than 10%, actually less than 1%. And our subconscious mind it’s job is to keep us safe. And if it’s something that’s not familiar or something that we’ve had, for example, a lot of people had really crappy experiences reading out loud or speaking in public.

What is awareness and how to attain it so that you can create consistent success habits?

Carla Marconi (22:08):

That’s why people have public speaking. Like they’re afraid of public speaking and all of these things. Right? And so then they’ve had previous experiences that have marked them in some way. They might not even remember the experience, but then that’s why then the mind’s like, “Oh no, this is dangerous.” It’s like, your mind thinks it’s like a lion about to attack you. But all you’re doing is jumping on a podcast interview or jumping on a live or a story it’s so silly, right? Like if you, if like we make the fear worse, it’s just like overwhelm as well. It’s all mindset. So instead of, because what’s so hard about me clicking connect to this call and actually jumping on and talking, it’s so simple, but then somebody could be like blowing out of proportion and being like, Oh my God, I’m so afraid. Like, what if I say the wrong thing? Like what if you do? You know? So instead it’s like leaning into that excitement and that’s how

Karem Mieses  (23:01):

You mentioned awareness and how important is to be aware and that the people who move through the stages of fear way faster it’s because they are aware. So I believe that in practicing what you shared when we started today, meaning gratitude, remembering the joyful moments and taking time to tap in with yourself in the now. we have to practice so that we become aware and then catch ourself faster then we are going down on a negative path. Is the right, would awareness help us?

Carla Marconi (23:48):

Absolutely. Yeah. I think awareness is the number one step in in any self-improvement. And then once you’re aware, then you can take the actions to come into those higher frequencies or choose to feel differently and choose to do it because ultimately because when you’re in your that’s like people call it like the inner child. When you’re like self sabotaging yourself. If you do self sabotage yourself, then what you’re doing is digging yourself up in a hole of like low self esteem and feeling unworthy, undeserving, right? So those are all low frequency and that’s not gonna help you move forward. Like it’s going to be even worse. Whereas if you choose to lean into the excitement, feel confident, feel strong and bold and courageous, and you do it. Then all of a sudden it’s like, Oh, I’m the fucking badass. Like I just did that.

Carla Marconi (24:43):

And then you feel so good. I mean, you know, this above all, like we’re constantly putting ourselves outside our comfort zone. And once you realize that it’s that easy man, like I’m 33 and I want to learn to sing now. And I’m like, why not? There’s one life to live. Like, I don’t care what people think. I don’t care. Like if I screw up, but I, I feel driven to do this. And so many people don’t really do half of the things that they want to do because they’re so afraid. So it’s the awareness of why do you feel afraid? And then how can I change this? And then that’s the empowerment question. And this is side story, but I would say the same thing about triggers. Like we’re also triggered as humans and all, that’s like a wholenother rabbit hole, but yeah. Question your triggers. Why, why do I feel this way? Why am I self sabotaging myself? Why am I scared? Yeah.

Karem Mieses  (25:37):

And you mentioned through our conversation about getting down of the hamster wheel because for achievers career oriented people, we have been indoctrinated to be doing more and more, more, and that is what basically values our ourself. And I always say that doing more has nothing to do with your self worth. So to create that sustainability, I teach my class finding your perfect day flow that you don’t overbook yourself because that’s not sustainable right. Much that sustainability, what exercises need to be included in finding that flow of, okay, I am, I am doing everything that I need to be doing for my business. I am moving forward, but I am doing it in a consistent way. Is there something that you wish you have started doing sooner yourself?

Carla Marconi (26:48):

Yeah. I would say saying no saying no more and not over committing. So it’s funny that you talked about the hamster wheel and the need to do more in order to, I think it’s a worthiness challenge. That was my biggest challenge that I deep down, even though I like showed this hardcore shell, I didn’t feel worthy of what I wanted. And so then I worked harder. Right. And my coach, I remember when I first started, she would always say like, well, why are you doing this? And I like, well, eventually I want to be a mom. And I want to have time freedom. And I want to do something that really inspires me and helps the world. And then where is there in that whole phrase? There’s no, nothing about burning out, working hard.

Carla Marconi (27:35):

8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. No, like, why am I doing this? So then my excuse would be like, well, right now I’m starting out and I’m still on my full time job. And she’s like, well, where can we create that space now while still being effective? So I think, again, it goes back to that intentionality of like, how do I want to spend my time? And then not over committing, because I, at the very beginning and over committing is also a scarcity mindset because why do you say yes, because you’re afraid that you won’t have the opportunity down the road potentially. And so then in knowing that if this doesn’t, if this is not in alignment now than it could be later and it’s right now, not a fit. So I won’t go into these parts cause this is your specialty, but I literally dumped everything into a sheet of paper on Sundays, anything that’s in my head that is in my commitment air, like things that I think I feel like I need to do.

Carla Marconi (28:35):

And then I put it in my calendar and I make sure that I don’t start my day till 10:00 AM. So until 10 is like prep work and personal and all that. And then I end at 6:00 PM.

Karem Mieses  (28:52):

I have gone through some of Carla’s worksheets and exercises that she has like amazing. If you, if you haven’t click with my worksheet, you have to go and download her because sometimes we have to to see a concept from a different perspective to make it work for us. So when I didn’t have kids, I used to do this on Sunday. Like you, then I switch to Friday so that I get like brain dump all of this and have my mind for my family over the weekend. And again it took me some time to change, because I was programmed in corporate for a long time. And it’s a totally different mindset that, okay, if you are not doing you are nothing basically. I remember my father even saying to me that if I was not making a day count, work wise, then that I should not even bother getting out of bed. That programing! Many times we don’t even remember from where are these things coming. Carla Marconi suggested to start practicing that awareness to start centering, so please do it! I truly believe that everything she’s shared with us will help you balance that feminine and masculine energy – go do and get things done, but at the same time learn to honor the goddess within. This is process

Carla Marconi (31:12):

Yeah. It’s your, is your, it’s your subconscious mind self sabotaging yourself, but you at least questioned it. And how did it go?

Karem Mieses  (31:20):

It went great. It was amazing. It was absolutely a great experience. And, but again, I was able to power. So I think like probably three years ago, I would have canceled. I used to get sick when I didn’t want to show up for something. And I realized this through a lot of inner work and this is why I want to bring experts like Carla. To help you get out of your own way and cut all these BS that we are creating, in our minds and move forward. And again, not because we are here talking, it doesn’t mean that we don’t go through this. We do go through this. And because we go through this and jumped the hurdle is that we can tell you what’s working and what’s not. And that is not a magic, a magic pill, a silver bullet. It requires intentionality. As you mentioned, I think that that’s going to be the topic or the headline for this one is how important is to be intentional. And what does that really mean? And Carla Marconi has explained that beautifully.

What is surrendering and how to truly let go?

Carla Marconi (32:40):

I just think it’s one thing that’s super important with everything that we’ve talked about. Cause I remember when, when I first started doing this energy work, my coach would be like, well, just like every morning, sit down and embody that, higher self, that future self and then see your clients. And like she was I mean she did a beautifully, but I was, she wasn’t meeting me where I was. And I think the biggest learning lesson that I’ve had over the last year is that with these processes of trying to quiet the mind and let go of, you have to let go of expectations. You have to surrender because if I sit down on my meditation fellow and I’m like, “Okay, today, I’m going to get all the content that I need, GO!” then it’s, I’m forcing it.

Carla Marconi (33:30):

So it’s through surrendering and allowing things to come through and trusting that they will. And so one little bit that I did is I would have a notepad next to my meditation pillow, and then anything that would come through, I would just write down a word. So then I would refer to it, but really it’s surrender, surrender, surrender, don’t expect, and things will come through and the consistency because you’re literally building a muscle. If you’ve been on the logical end of your mind, your whole life think, think, think, do, do, do. It’s going to take some time for you to slow down that wheel and tap into the bigger part of your brain. That’s actually where your creative flow lies, where your beliefs and all of those things that are actually driving your actions. So trust and surrender is huge.

Karem Mieses  (34:16):

That is so good. Let go of expectations and surrender and things will come through. I wrote it down. Great quote by Carla Marconi Marconi.

This week EXPERIMENT: I asked Carla: What would you suggest we do this week to tap into the flow of the masculine and the feminine energy? YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS.

Karem Mieses  (34:30):

I liked and the show with an experiment for everybody to try this week so that you put everything that we discussed into action. What would you suggest us to do this week to tap into the flow of the masculine and the feminine energy?

Carla Marconi (34:58):

So I’m assuming I’m speaking more to like masculine energy action, driven people in your people that follow you. So to balance them out, I definitely spend more time in quietness. So create a morning ritual or an evening ritual. I like morning because it really starts you off very grounded. I encourage you to create a morning ritual where you at least 10 minutes, 10 minutes for yourself. In these 10 minutes that you are going to dedicate to just focusing on your breath and then trusting that all the things that you need to know are going to come through, no expectations. And one phrase that I always love to say is, “I want to know what I want to know.” So if you don’t have anything that you are requiring an answer to is you just sit there, you quiet your mind through the breath. So you focus on your breath. When I say focus on your breath also like how is it affecting your body? When you start being aware of like the expansion on the inhale and the relaxing on the exhale, that’s going to bring you to here and now, and then you want to know what you want to know, and then just surrendering to whatever comes through.

Carla Marconi (36:18):

So that would be my my experiment to you to tap into your feminine energy. And then on the masculine end, trying to narrow down your responsibilities so that you have more space to create more feminine energy activities, like taking a bath, having more sex, having more fun so that then you can have more balance in your life. So that would be my challenge.

Karem Mieses  (36:43):

You’ll have to come back. I just thought there’s so many topics and conversations related to this is just, we are here in 30 minutes. We deal with so much. That’s why I always like to give you at least one thing, one action, that to improve your life every single week that we are here. Thank you so much for your generosity, for your sharing, your wisdom and your truth. And I cannot believe how much you’ve grown and I cannot wait to see all the things that are awaiting for you because girl, this is your year.

New Speaker (37:26):

Thank you, girl. It’s been an honor. I cannot wait to connect more with your audience in the future and with you. I’ve just loved your vibe as always.

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