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EP 63 – How to set goals in times of crisis with Karem Mieses


Do you want to set goals for 2021 and don’t know how to begin? Why should we set goals when β€œpivoting” is lurking?  With so much uncertainty around us, setting goals can be perceived as a lost cause. Nonetheless, goals are a great tool to keep us grounded and connected to the things in life that matter most so that we can navigate through anything and still THRIVE.

That’s why episode 63 of π‘³π’Šπ’‡π’† 𝑩𝒐𝒔𝒔: π‘©π’†π’„π’π’Žπ’Šπ’π’ˆ 𝑼𝒏𝒔𝒕𝒐𝒑𝒑𝒂𝒃𝒍𝒆  Podcast is about how to set goals in times of crisis – so that you gain or keep the momentum required to level up your business and life.

In this episode of Life Boss Podcast, I am sharing the importance of looking at goals through a 10 lenses and I give you actionable steps you can take right now to set actionable goals that will allow you to enjoy your life in the journey to achieving the results that you want. 

Some of the talking points I go over in this episode include:

  • A new outlook on productivity 
  • Why is it important to reframe the meaning of productivity?
  • What are the key areas or lenses that we should consider when setting goals?
  • How to turn your goals not only into steps but agreements with yourself?
  • The importance of having clarity on the ONE thing (aka β€œneedle mover”) that will make all your goals come to life.

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Transcript – Goal Setting to 10X productivity

You don’t have to be perfect to achieve your goals, but you have to set them with clear and meaningful intentions. Also, it is important to stop asking people what to do and look inside. You don’t need any more validation or opinions. Sit down for 5 minutes and start asking yourself those questions, because all the answers are there, inside of you.

We are going to set up 90 days of goals with structure and purpose. I don’t want to set a goal that is going to squash your relationships and that cannot improve your productivity, your profitability, or income, but I want to set goals that will start designing the life you want. What is it that you really want? Is it time? money? being with your family? or other significant things? You have to decide what is it that you really want to accomplish in the next three months.

It may feel overwhelming but in this episode, I’m walking you though a proven process that you can customize and make your own (I’ll show you how).

When someone asks you, what you do, tell them what you actually like doing. When someone asks me what you do, I tell him, I am a mom, a teacher, also I am a great researcher. So, what is that what you enjoy doing, are you a teacher, are you a researcher, are you a problem solver, a specialist, what is it? And that is the start!

Number 1, bring the important people in your life close to you.

When you create a goal, your first goal needs to be related to people. Make a goal related to people, people that you care about, and that you want them closed to you. It can be your employees, mentors, partners, people in your life that are significant to you, people that someway are changing your life. That was number 1.

Karem E Mieses

Number 2, invest in something.

You are going to write a goal that is related to investing in something that is going to move you forward. Is it an iPhone, is it a trainee, email system, CMR, what is it that you are going to invest in right now? For me, I am going to hire another virtual assistant to help me. Store money – do not make any more money! You need to start investing in yourself, don’t be scare about that!

Number 3, you need to spend 3 hours of implementation per week.

If you are reading this, that is because you collect information. And when we collect information, we need to decide what is a good idea, what is a great idea, do we love how someone said something, what should we do more… So, I want you to spend 3 hours per week and you should start implementing and doing what you choose to do. Me, personally, I set up alarms on my phone, I have 3 alarms each day, they say “Be here, now!”. So, set alarms, make an appointment with yourself. And start doing and implementing all these ideas.

Number 4 you have to do one time per week.

We think like this, when I finish the website, I will have time to do this. When I finish the academy, I am going to do this. When I finish my boot camp, I will be able to do this. But life keeps happening, so what is the purpose? I want you to set up one thing a week, 12 weeks. If you don’t have a wife, a romantic relationship, think about your mom, your friends, your business partners. Think what will bring that connection better?

Number 5, commit the needle mover, start making your needle move.

What is it that makes that needle move? For me, that is creating content. I realized that doing video creating content makes more people know me, I have a better chance to expose myself and I have better chance to sell my services. You don’t have to be scared about saying that you charge for what you are doing, it is what it is. So, what is it that you need to do right now, is it a call, is it a mastermind, is it writing a blog, creating video? What is it that you need to do to start making that needle move?!

Number 6, you need to give up something.

What is it that you need to give up? I stop watching TV shows, they annoy me. Other things would be to stop unnerve people, stop arguing, and start implementing. You have to give up something, you need to give up things that do not serve any purpose to you. You need to decide what you are giving up.

Number 7, you have to set up a fitness goal.

Try google, that is the impact on our productivity, the impact of fitness, it is the impact of a healthy lifestyle in our productivity. You will find the research. The moment I have started taking my health seriously and started working out, that was very hard, but when I have done that, I felt like I take out the world. So, you don’t have to do this program with me, you do whatever you want, but please select a physical activity that you are going to do for the next 12 weeks. Because your physical productivity is going to boost. Believe me, I have two kids and I know, your energy will come after your workout. Try just 10 minutes a week and you will see.

Number 8, you need to set a weekly activity, where you don’t need to think about anything and relax.

At that moment, your brain is going to resetting all its ideas. All old ideas are going to take their place. These are 12 activities for the next 12 weeks. It could be a massage, it could be a poker, it could be a reading that is not learning new stuff, for example reading books, novels, fiction.

Number 9, make a mastermind group and teach them things they do not learn anywhere else.

It can be your friend or somebody of action. Make a group, teach them, and tell them what is your goal. This is my challenge and this is why I am doing this mastermind session. Helping you to set up your goals I am helping myself. Start living your life now!

Number 10 is related to money.

90 days goal is how much money you want to make by the end of 12 weeks. Be realistic! Set up realistic goals. What would make you happy?! Is it $1,000 more than now, is it $10,000 more than now? You need to know your number!

These were 10 numbers you need to set up for the next 12 weeks. The one thing makes everything else happening. What is that one thing, what is that that you need to do right now to make your life happen? Start working and start living your life now!

NOTE: This is a rough transcript of episode 63 of the Life Boss: Becoming Unstoppable Podcast and it may have sections cut out or edited. Get the best explanation of goals in the audio version here.

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