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I am a Business Productivity Consultant for parent-preneurs, but I’m not just any Business Consultant. I don’t just design & implement automation & workflows...

It's Personal, It' Business

I help you implement my signature automated systems that will give you time back and increase your business performance. 
To me, this is personal.
It isn’t just about the consulting or the academy, it is about creating for you a business that you are proud of because you do not sacrifice your family.

I know because I’ve been there. 

I know the busyness, the hustle and the overwhelm too well.

Are you ready to grow your business sanely?

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When I became a mom the need for flexibility became even more important. One day as I was visiting a first-time client, I was called from daycare to pick up my baby that was burning in fever.

I felt absolutely guilty to call someone else to pick up my 5-month baby and at the same time absolutely unprofessional for telling my client that I needed to pick up my baby and that I was leaving.

The conflicting emotions broke me down as I had no option other than leave to pick up my child because I didn’t have anyone to do it for me. I was mad.

Looking at my self in the rear-view mirror I sob miserably because I didn’t have a team to trust. All because I've been postponing for too long to set the systems my clients paid me to set for them. This meant, I couldn't delegate.

Everything was in my head. Even more tears came down by realizing what an awful mom I was for second-guessing picking up my child. At that moment, I became determined that no parent should ever feel guilt or shame for choosing their family first.

Yes, I needed to apply everything I did for my clients to myself, but more than that I needed to teach other parents to do the same.

It’s that moment when my clients send me a DM with a picture of their dream vacation or their kid dream birthday that makes everything that I do so worth it.

Are you ready to take control of your business so that you can stop sacrificing family life & start living in certainty, I’m the Business Consultant for you.

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"Productivity + clarity. Two words that couldn't identify more with Karem as an individual and as an entrepreneur. She has given me the tools and resources to help me move my business forward."

Ashley Soro,
Pro ATHLETE & Business owner 

"Karem is my hero. Every single thing she does brings more clarity and focus to your business. She's helped me blossom from constantly feeling frantic and scatterbrained to an organized, smart and efficient entrepreneur."

Julia Balto, Behavior Change Coach

"Karem Mieses is the most caring, hard-working coach! She knows exactly how to help you get organized, clear the clutter and get the work done, and she'll go above and beyond to make sure she helps you make it happen!"

Stephanie Joanne, 7-figure Business Coach

"Hiring Karem means you'll have guidance, accountability, clarity, a real strategy and above all - Someone on YOUR TEAM who truly cares about you and your business!!"

Emily Dorrien Flynn, Health & Fitness Coach


If you are serious about having a successful business but find it overwhelming, this is for you. No more telling yourself “where the heck do I start?” because I will give you the exact steps I’ve been following to stay on top, during my 20-year entrepreneurial career.

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✔ Know which idea, product or service is worth your time and money

✔ Have Clarity on your offering and pricing

✔ Define a timetable and schedule that are realistic for your current lifestyle

✔ Map out your core systems, the best platform to showcase your offer, how to distribute your message, building your community online and off

✔ Set a realistic budget and get the numbers right

✔ Drive traffic (get leads!)

Then, you have to join my signature online program Idea2profit Academy where you will experience a self-paced hands-on course with group coaching for feedback and support for faster & reliable implementation!

No theories…No concepts…No fluff… This is straight up GETTING THINGS DONE!

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