Before telling who Karem Mieses is, let’ see if anything on this page would be right for you.

Are you ready to slay some dragon? Or spread some magic?

If you feel overwhelmed with the daily demands of parenting and building profitable business at the same time, around the clock, basically 24/7. This page is for you!

My promise is to help YOU regain control of your life and business so that you can experience the results in your wallet and waist-line ? . You work so hard, aren’t you ready to have the results to show for? Yes! We can have it all; you don’t have to settle for this or that.
IT IS VERY REAL, and you can live in balance! I will show you how too!

By offering my one-on-one support, knowledge, and experience (in a guided step-by-step format) along maintaining focus in intentional activities on your schedule.

Backed by
years of experience as a recovering workaholic, extensive research, tens of thousands of dollars in too many experts, and too many all-nighters (with my eyelashes almost burnt) trying to figure out how to earn a living without having to delegate my kids from 7 am to 7 pm. I have done the research, tested the models, work with other entrepreneurs to make a system that allows me to live a healthier satisfying life!

I am committed to addressing the need for a systematic but individualistic approach to productivity that accommodates the realities and challenges of life for each parent building a business after hours.

Since I understand
that it is tough to apply to everyone a cookie cutter blueprint to launch a business, make it profitable and ultimately build a legacy; it is especially for those with creative minds like ours that are idea making machines.



Karem Mieses

Karem Mieses

My name is Karem Mieses, and I have been a Productivity Consultant for corporations for more than two decades. I have turned companies around from bankruptcy to profit and have been able to start up and sell for profit multiple businesses, but in the past four years, I‘ve been helping passionate entrepreneurs launch their businesses from their garages and kitchen tables.

I hit rock bottom back in 2012 not only with acute post-partum depression & 50 pounds overweight but with a business that I dread going to because I was not portraying what my firm represented.

As a mom of 3 boys, the more that I tried to accomplish professionally, the more my personal life spun out of control, and the joys of motherhood seemed to slip away.

In my quest to get my life in balance, I develop a system to manage time effectively by doing more of the things that matter without exhaustion.

To date, I have proudly worked with entrepreneurs just like you teaching them this system to help them become not only more productive but happier and contempt because they have achieved some incredible goals.

Get Ready to Declutter Your Life and Make Room For IMPACT!

Karem Mieses