Are you ready to join me on an amazing journey to be stronger, healthier and happier? It’s only 28 days, just 4 weeks!

Are you tired of quick fixes and gimmicks?

Are you tired of extra errands & traffic?

Do you have information overload and don’t know where to start?

Do feel that you deserve a body that represents your awesomeness?

Are you tired of feeling tired?

If you answered to YES to any of these questions, then

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If I did make all this change happen, so can you! This is a proven structured system that we will tailor to make it work for you!

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Let’s do this together

  • Commit to working out
  • Commit to eating healthier
  • Get coach support
  • Share, learn, teach, inspire and be INSPIRED by others in a private group (our app & FB private group)
  • Laugh, talk and make new friends.
  • Win prizes for motivation, creative recipes and daily challenges to keep you motivated

Above is a sneak peek into what the Team BeachBody Community and the programs have been for me and some of my customers and friends. Though only 4 minutes long, it is a Summary of a 1-hour webinar on the benefits of a Home Fitness Program with an Online Health & Fitness Coach Support.

Summarizing these are 5 Proven Benefits of Online Fitness Coaching:

  1. Cost Effective compared to in-person fitness training, online personal training has undeniable cost advantages. Especially when you consider that many of the top online personal trainers out there charge more per one-hour session than they do for an entire 12-week training course sold online on their websites!
  2. Access World Experts – The world’s leading fitness experts are now available in state of the art and scientifically design programs that you can access from your home and guided by trained online coaches and personal trainers.
  3. More Comprehensive Service – Online fitness is a very competitive market and as an end user you stand only to benefit from the drive to refine and improve our services. Year on year online fitness courses get more comprehensive with great programs and meal planners beautifully prepared with world-class information.
  4. Proven Results – We showcase the effectiveness of our programs through enthusiastic testimonials and training reviews from the past and current clients.
  5. No Time or Location Constraints – By enlisting the services of an online fitness coach you have complete freedom over your workout time and location, no need to be fitting the gym around an ever-changing week. Plus, you will have your workout schedule and meal plan in the palm of your hand on your mobile device leaving you totally in control.

*Note: I have to appear as your referring coach at check out for this offer to apply. USA, Canada & PR only.
*** Offer available with All Access Annual Pass Challenge Pack ONLY***

SUBMIT THIS for pricing and features of the qualifying programs and I will contact you ASAP to the email you provide to get you started right.

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What are real women are saying?


“Thank you for teaching me that I have to vary on the programs and not do one same type for too long so that my body does not get used to it and plateau… OMG, did you surprise me?!?!?! I did not believe possible even half of it. I saw myself never going back to what I used to be before kids and now I am so much better! You exceeded everything I thought possible! Believer!”  – Esther Rodriguez, PR, 55 lbs down








“I’ve learned how to eat clean not to “diet” and that I can lose weight without starving myself. You taught me that eating clean not processed diet foods are the key to losing weight and gaining energy.  You exceeded my expectations. Thanks for the one on one attention, the tips, made me feel right at home.  Totally Motivating!”,

Yessica Guerra, Chicago IL, 50 lbs down







“No words to express my gratitude to the FIT FUN THRIVE Queen and the most amazing coach anybody could have! Karem has been by my side all the way, in good and bad times. She mentors with a wealth of research, knowledge, materials, and love, motivating me daily to be a better coach and human being!   I’m thriving because of you!!!! ♡♡♡♡”

Milagros Coffee, Texas, 100+ pounds down