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CEO | Productivity Expert | Change Agent | Organization Ninja
Let's Build, Grow & Scale your business sanely

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Mind Meeting Action with Karem Mieses
on Ani O Yoga
Life Boss: Becoming Unstoppable

EP-004-You'll Never Say, 'I don't have enough time to do X' Again
Ignite Success with Snowden McFall for BuzzTV
From traditional business to 100% online
This Brand Means Business with Stephanie Joanne
What does it takes to succeed in your business?
BOOKS 2017-2019
Who is Karem Mieses?
CEO (2009 – Present)

Life Boss Becoming Unstoppable Podcast
Host & Producer (2019-Now)

National Association of Professional Women
President Jacksonville Local Chapter (Jul 2009 – Dec 2010)

Oregon Health and Science University
Master in Science (2000-2002 with Honours)

University of Puerto Rico
Bachelors Accounting (1992-1996 with Honours)


Productivity Expert
Change Agent
Organization Ninja‬‬
1. Karem's energy is contagious! While she can often run off on a tangent, her passion behind the microphone can literally be felt by her listeners!

 2. Karem has been working with entrepreneurs since 2002 and can speak with confidence about many topics about productivity, launching & scaling a business, and having a powerful mindset!

3. Karem has been paving her way through the very saturated business coaching world to deliver a very specific solution to entrepreneurs raising kids who are transitioning out of full-time-job or pay-by-the-hour model into a scalable and flexible business model that allows them to live a strong and powerful life!

“We need to make better decisions with the time we have, not get more time. Success is defined by our priorities, nothing else.”

The Manifesto
  • Effective social media management
  • ​Outsourcing on a budget 
  • ​No more feeling behind! How to stop business overwhelm
  • ​Four Steps to starting a business
  • ​Different roles as a business owner
  • ​Leveraging social media beyond likes and follows
  • ​When following the business rules doesn't work?
  • ​Building a 6 figure business 
  • How to find your perfect flow day
  • ​Start your morning right
  • ​Scheduling “me” time 
  • Stop comparing your success to others 
  • ​5 Reasons businesses fail 
  • ​Debunking F.E.A.R. 
  • ​Declutter your Day
Alison Marie
Fitness Expert & Owner at Living Room Workout Club
"Karem Mieses I just got my results from the Custom Business Roadmap Quiz and I am BLOWN AWAY. The accuracy, insight, and attention to detail in my Custom Road Map are amazing. You pinpointed exactly where I am in my business and laid out my next steps clearly.  You never cease to amaze me with your genius! "
 2019 KEMM Group LLC
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