Would my Big Business Idea work?

When you think of a new business idea, it is very common to get excited, tell everyone about it and jump right in.

However, it can feel pretty devastating when you put a lot of heart and soul (not to mention time and money) into starting a new business, only to find out it’s not going to work the way you envisioned.

Here’s is my thought process so that you can figure out if your idea is likely to succeed without going through the frustration of not seeing it working as you hoped.


Above I discuss that it’s not about 

  • The product/service
  • Growing your list
  • Having authority (not becoming an influencer)
  • Not even about the positioning

After 20 years a Business Owner and Strategic Consultant, the thought process to decide on the right idea boil down to:

(1) Figuring out the market size – do a research. I suggest going to youtube and google and search for

  1. Hot topics, the how to’, where is the pain
  2. Find out where the ideal customer is hanging out
  3. Top channels or websites and what’s the user experience

(2) What are the sticky topics – where are the main problems

  1. You’ll find this likely in forums

(3) What are the revenue channels

  1. How key players are making money
  2. Subscribe to their list and look at what they are doing

(4) What relative marketing skills do key players have

GOAL: Before getting in any market, you need to know

  • how the playfield works
  • How do you make money
  • What does the community expect, want and ultimately what do they really need


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